Asta Maria Siiskonen

Asta Maria Siiskonen


Finnish copywriter

Does poor content bother you?

In today’s information overflow, a concise, straight-to-the-point message is more important than ever. Readers, and above all, clients, want to know what a product or service is about at one glance.

If not, they have already clicked their way to the competitors.

Have I got your attention?

I’m a Finnish freelance copywriter.

I create, edit and check texts in Finnish for different websites; product texts, descriptions and manuals for e-commerce, guides and reviews for travel sites and the iGaming industry, and homepages for small enterprises, to mention a few.

I’m at my best in fast-moving, vibrant environments where I can quickly respond to unpredictable and changing situations. I have extensive work experience in copywriting and translation industries, giving me varied skills and working within strict deadlines.

I speak Finnish. What is your superpower?

Because I believe there’s nothing more valuable than being a native speaker, and a true localization expert, I write in and translate to Finnish.

My language pairs are:

  • English to Finnish
  • Spanish to Finnish
  • Swedish to Finnish

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